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Psychic - God-Gifted Clairvoyant Medium from Birth, Guided by Spirit to Shed Light On Life's Pathway.  Becoming Receivers, Dispatching What Is Given to Help Enlighten You On Life's Pathway.

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                       I Have Been Gifted From Birth , Started Using My Gift  36 Years Ago To Help Others. I Really Enjoy My Work Knowing It Has Made a Differnce In Someone Life For  Betterment . God Is the Power And Light Of My Work , I would Know Nothing But By His Grace Given To Me To Share With You.

In every life a little rain must fall, we seek shelter to get out of the rain. Through my work I become Shealter to those in need of direction in times of trouble.

Souls who need enlightenment during confusing times, Job change , death of love ones, relationship problems & Financial difficulties. Enlighting someone in which direction they need to go. Sometimes we are to blinded by problem to see things clearly for ones self.

(To close to the forest to see the trees)




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Angel - God-Gifted Clairvoyant Medium from Birth, Guided by Spirit to Shed Light On Life's Pathway.  Becoming Receivers, Dispatching What Is Given to Help Enlighten You On Life's Pathway.

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It is a pleasure for me to write about my 5 year contact with Camille. She is honest with what she sees. When I have questions she takes time to make sure I understand what my dreams are telling me. At times we laugh about what she sees but her accuracy is right there. She helps make what life has to offer a bit easier to deal with. There is a comfort knowing I can call and chat with her. Thank you Camille for all your help.
Ronnie from Texas


  • Spirit Communication with Loved Ones Who Have Pass Over
  • Missing Persons
  • Italian Tarot Cards
  • Relationships
  • Work/Career
  • Dream Interpretation

God"s Gift from Birth, Guided By the Spirit, to Shed Light On Life's Pathway, Becoming a Receiver Dispatching What is Given To Me For Helping You.

I am A Consultant for Physician's On Medical Issues .Have worked in past with a Detective as Consultant on Murder Cases.

Truth is What You Will Get In Your Reading, Exactly What Is Given To Me is What I Will Give To  You.

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ENLIGHTENMENT DURING CONFUSING TIMES                                            


Enlightening someone in which direction they need to go, helping them to see things clearer. Sometimes, we are too close to see things for our selves. There is a saying (Too close to the forest to see the trees). We are all gifted with insight, but not everyone knows how to use this gift correctly.

One must first learn to trust as a little child (you must become a child of God believing all things are possible,trust the thought received, the voice you hear, your heart felt feeling.The heart is the abode for the soul; the eyes are the windows to the soul. Have you ever looked in to someone's eyes and seen beyond what they were saying with their words, knowing in your heart the truth? One must learn to trust what they perceive, not doubting self. Choose to believe what you are seeing. Here is a little exercise for you to try. For three days, everyone you come in contact with look him or her in the eyes and pay attention to what you perceive, whether it be good or bad. Write down your thought that you received at the time of the meeting, then check and see what you perceive correctly.

                                        SPIRIT COMMUNICATION

Spirit Communication with lost loved ones who are no longer in case in the earthly body. The body is only a vehicle for our spirit and soul; we are not of this earth. We are made in God's image. God is a spirit of light and we are children of light. Communication with a loved one's who has passed over often helps to answer questions which are needed to put ones heart at rest. When someone dies, sometimes we need to know they are okay, or feel the need to tell them things we did not say before thier pasting over.

                                        DREAM INTPRETATION

Dreams are your insight and messages from the heavens brought to you by your angels. No one else has your dreams. Your thought wave is yours alone and you must learn to break your dreams down symbolically by what they mean to you, not by what dream books or someone else says. The message is sent to you from God, your angels bring these messages in dreams, but you must uncode them with your own thought wave.

GGates - God-Gifted Clairvoyant Medium from Birth, Guided by Spirit to Shed Light On Life's Pathway.  Becoming Receivers, Dispatching What Is Given to Help Enlighten You On Life's Pathway.



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